Barony of Tor

Muddy adventures in a deep dark well

Not to mention the rotten smell

With breakfast in their bellies, our fresh-faced travellers set out to explore the city. Intrigued by stories of the Crimson Sky, our Druid enquires about a messenger service and is directed to a redbrick building in midtown; the headquarters of the Bounty Hunters. Dictating an invitation to be added to the already large pile of letters heading to the fabled adventurers, the rest of the party insist on its urgency as they receive no assurances of its arrival.

Only moments after leaving, they’re accosted by an out of breath street urchin with a message from Harmes. He has a job for the city’s new “guards” (cue a trumpet fanfare courtesy of Jeff’s minor illusion spell) at the Hutchins Distillery. The owner, Thomas Hutchins, is incredibly secretive but leads the party to the literal source of the problem. Down dusty tracks out of the city and behind a movable hedge lies a well, dried up and rancid.

With a touch of Verdon’s feather fall magic and a good length of rope, half the party soon drop down to investigate. There’s no sign of Thomas’ great great great Grandfather Tobius who once made the same trip and never returned, but they do find a muddy tunnel with purple fungus on the walls. Whether the foul-smelling growth would’ve attacked had Lilybett not asked for a sample we’ll never know, but attack it did and so a battle ensues.

With Eryn and the affectionately nicknamed Lilybear joining the fray, our brave guards (do-do-do-doot) use lightning, blade and claws to defeat their stinky foe. Following the tunnel upstream, they scale a waterfall and find fallen rocks stoppering the flow of water. A bit more scrambling and they’re met by quite the sight – a giant cavern with a glistening lake as far as their darkvision can see. The only break in the vista is a small muddy beach with a small boat moored at its edge. Perhaps they’re not alone in here…


DM_James rhi_combes

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